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Back home

As we left Ukraine, a bit of Ukraine came to visit us in Washington. Alina and Alyona, two journalism students from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, stayed with us for a month during their internships in Washington. They were delightful company, and cooked a fabulous Ukrainian dinner as a farewell gift.

Kyiv, as seen in the Moscow subway

One of the most striking things we saw in Moscow were the paintings in the Kievskaya metro station. These images of happy Ukrainian peasants were created in the 1930s, shortly after Stalin had brutally suppressed peasant life in Ukraine, starving millions to death. It was strange and ironic to come upon them in the subway, which is itself a powerful monument to Stalin’s era in Russian history.

On the train to Moscow

We left Ukraine by way of Russia, because it turned out to be much cheaper to fly back from Moscow than from Kyiv. So we took one more overnight train ride, and arrived at the Kievskaya station the next morning.

Packing up

The title says it all.

A final Ukrainian picnic

Many apologies for the long silence on this blog. The end of our time in Kyiv came upon us in a rush. Here are a few brief, final posts.

On one of our last days in Ukraine, our friends Oleg, Lena, and their daughter Dasha invited us for a lovely picnic in the Botanical Garden.