Dan with the Red Army on Victory Day in Kiev

IMG_5178We decided this picture needed a caption.  Just WHAT is that other guy thinking?

“*They* won the Cold War?”
“No, Durak, the strap goes over the *right* shoulder!”  Rob Gurwitt

“He looks too happy; we must have him deported.”  Lori Ashford

“How is that man listening to the voices in his head, without headphones?  Tim Fretz

“The Red Army synchronized swim team sizes up its new Mennonite coach” Matt Frumin

“Jew?!” David Rubenson

“Where are the KGB when we need them?” Monica McCarthy

“Big fancy American. He don’t even have no stinkin’ medals!” Peter Breslow

“Hey, what’s he doing out of the Gulag?”  Scott Simon

“My belt’s too tight and it’s making me grumpy.”  Cheryl Weber

“The hairdresser said if we wear these ‘permulators’ on our head for 4 hours, we can have hair just like this guy.” Tim Fretz

“Grrr…I bet he’s going to post this picture on facebook, too!”  Sonya Charles

“Bearded barbarian.  No medals or stylish cap either. Yet, he seems happy!” Tim Charles

“Weirdo go home!!!”  Sarah Swartzendruber

“There goes the neighborhood!”
“Bloody pacifists!”
“If only we still had the Gulag!”   Cal Eigsti

“I vant heem, vit catsup…maybe vit onions. Make dat catsup AND onions.”  Firoozeh Dumas

“I didn’t know Lenny Cosmos has a beard!”  David Bucher

“He’d look better in one of my hats”  Susan Stamberg

“NPR reporter interviews Ukrainian cosmonauts before attempted launch on flying saucer”   Chris Joyce

“I can’t believe we lost the Cold War to these smiling, medal-less fools…”John Borrazzo


Gotta love those light-hearted Ukrainians!  What’s Dan smiling about?  Margie McCarthy Hall

Were you asking too many questions?  Rhoda Charles

I’m glad you guys are getting out of there soon. . .Jane Stewart

Nice to see he’s making friends over there. Dianne Torreson

It’s touching how welcome Dan’s presence is– and it’s hard to tell him apart from the natives.  Lizzy McCarthy

Why does it look like the guy is going to kill Dan??  Cathleen McCarthy

What did you do to deserve a look like that? How can those guys hear anything?  Sharyn Tieszen

I noticed the soldier is holding holding/restraining his hands, which is reassuring. Maureen McCarthy

Maybe the Red Army guy is wondering where Dan’s bathing cap and earplugs are?  Sheila (McCarthy) O’Brien



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