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Even the mannequins are worried about swine flu!


Molly’s school trip to Turkey

This fall my class took a trip to Turkey. We took a 2-hour plane ride to a city called Antalya, which was next to the Mediterranean sea. It was really hot there and there were lots of mountains. We stayed in a hotel that was a five minute walk to the beach. We visited interesting places but we had to be in a big smelly bus a lot. We went on a boat, swam in the ocean, saw ancient Roman ruins, went up a mountain in a cable car, and saw a place where natural fires come out of the ground. We also saw camels and a turkey! Here are some pictures.

Animals of Kamyanets-Podilsky

Last week we took a trip to a city in western Ukraine called Kamyanets-Podilsky. It was surrounded by a river and had a castle that was about a thousand years old, but the things I liked the most were the dogs and cats we saw there. They were a lot nicer than the animals in Kyiv and when we were taking pictures of them they came up to us and followed us around. One time there were five dogs following us at once. There was also a kitten in the grocery store that climbed up and sat on my head. Here are the pictures. (The last dog is sleeping, not dead!)

Independence Day distractions

Ukraine turned 18 today, and the center of Kyiv filled up with crowds looking for a good time. There was music, costumes, and a lineup of armored vehicles. But we found our eyes drawn to something else. Call us shallow, but we couldn’t stop looking at the astounding shoes on display in this city. So Nora and Molly started snapping pictures. Below, in slide show format, we present some of Kyiv’s finest footwear.